New Moderator or Admin?

Hi, my name is Gage. I’ve been a regular player on the dropper server for a while, maybe since 2016? I’ve taken a lot of breaks from the game throughout the whole span of its release but I never really had a reason to stay because there were no dropper maps being made. I’ve seen that the secret map isn’t functional anymore and a good amount of the trophy systems aren’t working. I tried to ask GalaxyT10 about becoming a mod when I was younger but he said that there wasn’t really any reason to have any new mods. So I’m here again after all this time to ask about potentially restoring all of the old dropper maps and potentially creating new ones. I know it wouldn’t be the same as the old maps but I could try. Please get back to me as soon as you can, and I totally understand if you’re not open to having new people. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

P.S. if you need my discord tag its Gage#9702

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Yeah a New mod that is especially interactve with the dropper section of the server sounds great

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Yeah, a new mod, new maps, new everything would be nice for the ol` dropper boi

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. For anyone who agrees with me I possibly upvote so an Admin can see it?

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They have a new admin, but he mostly does survival [I think]. :3 Just wanna inform u!

Oh no! I have written a reply to this post on the same day it was made and have forgotten to hit the reply butten… Luckily the forum saved it, so here’s my original reply:

We will make a post on the forum, once we’re looking for new staff members.

About the missing trophies and other broken things at Dropper: I’m currently working on fixing the trophies. One side (of the lobby) is almost complete.
If you notice anything broken that is not related to trophies, please create a report using /report ingame at the exact location to let us know!

However, feel free to join our Discord submit us your Dropper map or tell us your idea if you have one!

Now for my new reply:

The staff applications are currently open, so if you wish to apply, please check out We are looking for Moderators .

Also, a little correction/side-note, we have a new moderator. A moderator can be promoted to admin, but you can’t apply for admin directly.

Ah that sucks. I just checked this thread again and its too late to apply.