Nice idea but its broken

Monster Industries is a nice topic and a cool game but it have a problem .
A problem that makes the game harder to play, im speaking about the exchager of paper for stocks .
I usually hear things like “Well we are fully surrounded of mobs lets try exhange paper for stocks”, but i doesnt work.
I ve been looking to the redstone to find what happens and it looks to be a comparator that shoudnt be there.Wont be really hard to remove it and place some redstone to fix it and make the players game have more options to win when they are surrounded by mobs and hidding on top of the house.

Thx you for read this and i hope this will help for make the server better.

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What are the block coordinates of this comparator? EDIT: Found the problem myself, waiting on staff to update the server map.


It’s live now. Thanks for the quick fix @StarField_9 :+1:

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