[NOT SO] IMPORTANT - Economy changes

Hey y’all! After the recent discussion in the discord and watching at the economy inflating like crazy and the 1% constantly getting insanely wealthy, we’ve decided to make some minor changes to the economy. Unfortunately, diamonds ended up being even more common as more people mined, and with the recent updates, it’s even easier to find them in the massive caves. In addition, this just gives a major incentive for players to cheat via hacks such as X-ray, and completely stopping them is not trival. As such, we’ve decided to move to a resource that’s non-renewable yet not affected by hacks and not super common like dirt, not insanely rare like ancient debris, plus not many people have specifically tried to collect this item already, starting the playing field even: dead bushes!

Effective immediately, the bank will now sell dead bushes at a rate of $100 = 1 dead bush at /bank. All of your money has already been transferred over to the new system at a 1:1 rate, so don’t worry about starting off with no money.

In addition, every player that had over $10k in the bank as of this change is eligible for a unique commemorative Super Shears™️ to help you with your dead bush collection needs! Limited supplies available; please submit this form to request your custom shears: Link

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you enjoy the new changes! -Staff


Slight update: the bank of tallcraft experienced a bank run overnight, and has shut down all dead bush purchasing as such. You are currently only able to sell bushes to the bank while it files with its insurance for backup funding. We appreciate your patience!

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Update: after reviewing player feedback and with the recent collapse of the recent dead bush bank, we have decided to go back to a diamond-based economy. Submission requests for the Super Shears™️ will remain open for a few days and will still be carried out. Thank you!

Why no Ink Sac? thats the same think like dead bushes

Ink Sacs are renewable; dead bushes and diamonds are non-renewable.

Super Shears™️ have been given out! Enjoy!


nice try april fools

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