Please can you unbann me @ravadosh

im sorry for getting rid of a build in my area that someone else made i wont do it again next time ill tell you if im having these type of issues can i please get unbanned i really like this server.



Please don’t spam the forums, this will not help your case.
You were accomplice to whitewolfyay in the breaking down of a structure that did not belong to you, just like whitewolfyay I have a feeling you both do not realise what you have done, and that there are rules to follow.
I’m referring you to this thread where I have documented whitewolfyay’s griefs, where also your involvement was documented.

doesn’t accomplice mean working together. Because if that is so i did not work with him/her destroying this build i did it by myself

i destroyed it myself

accomplice means helping someone to break a rule


The ban will be lifted entering the new year, dispute closed.