Possibility of a new modded survival?

Hey! As we are all aware, vanilla Minecraft can get a bit boring some times. Perhaps when you have completed the game once or for the billionth time and are just getting a little bit bored you might want a change? Well today I am here to petition for a new modded survival!

The modpack can be a custom modpack server where the community suggests a mod/mods and it can be added to the pack based off of what people like. I would still like to keep the basic aspect of survival mode by not making the game too incredibly complex for people (like minecolonies) or completely ramming the modpack full of hundreds of the hardest mods ever (like rlcraft). Maybe a maximum of 20 mods.


I don’t know if this is rude to ask for
~I am going to start off a mod suggestion with the mod ‘Twilight Forest’~
DISCLAIMER: For now, please reccomend only one mod at a time as to make it more suited for people on lower performing systems. Don’t over suggest!

If you will play long term. We need long term players for this to happen!

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love the idea of this, another mod pack i was thinking is maybe sky factory? though has a lot more mods and may lag a bit more.

Maybe a singular mod so that more people could add a mod suited to their taste

mc eternal would be a good one, but its very heavy and hard to run. a lot of mods that are out there, some of the tc players wouldnt be able to play

Check the disclaimer.

I have to ask though, if this becomes a thing, who is going to maintain it? community, staff (if we even have the time – there’s always stuff to do with the main server, adding on maintaining an entire modpack may not be practical or possible), staff moderated but take community changes on like github pull requests, etc?

Keep the rule of Expert1 and above able to join. I would like to think that we could just trust the community to not grief or break rules but that just wouldn’t work. Maybe upping the rank to join (I have forgotten the ranks in TallCraft) or some mass vote to ban thing. I don’t know what a github pull request is

Ahhh sorry I wasn’t clear, I was more talking about modpack development - who manages that?

To make the modpack folder, can’t we just, (someone like me, or a staff member) create the modpack then share it to discord?

I tried this before and it was fun but turns out throwing hundreds of mods together can become a bit chaotic. I recommend using mediafire or google drive because discord’s 100mb limit is too low to send anything.

This is why we will make the pack small for people on lower performing systems

Most likely if the modpack becomes a thing, it would be distributed using a twitch/curseforge manifest.json system or even just published to curseforge, as there is no need and it’s frowned upon to directly distribute mod jar files themselves.

Imagine going to vote and finding the one and only “option” on your ballot is yes.


I’m guessing that the modpack will likely be on Forge, but it’s worth establishing a version before getting more suggestions. There are a lot of mods that stopped updating after 1.12.2 (as 1.13 changed a lot of the code in the game related to modding), so it’s worth making the decision whether to use the latest version or one of those versions that a lot of mods stopped updating after (such as 1.12.2). I likely won’t be participating due to a lack of time on my end (as well as my ban situation), so I won’t suggest any mods.

EDIT: I’ve taken a quick look at the mods already suggested, and it seems they’re on 1.12.2. I think it’s worth pointing out for anyone who’s interested and is planning to suggest more mods.

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If you’re not interested then don’t vote

However though, I am going to remake this poll in another post, what would u like in the poll?

it doesn’t matter how slow the client’s pc is but the server is most likely going to struggle .

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Mahou Tsukai would be a great mod to add.

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