Possible RedStone contest?

I had been thinking for a while, what if there was a redstone contest? A few basic rules would be 1) Tutorials are banned, and it can not look even similar to a creation made already that is on youtube. 2) must be useful and finally 3) No helping other players with their redstone. How do you guys enjoy this idea?

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That’d be a really cool idea! If that was to happen, I’d volunteer to join. Also, pointing out you spelled the title wrong as ResStone instead of RedStone. :slightly_smiling_face:

if that was done, you’d probably not want to allow tutorials to be followed, it would be better if someone won because they were creative instead of wanting to follow a tutorial and just place things block for block.(that was a horrible sentence, sorry)


I didn’t even think about that. Tutorials would be sort of cheating I guess now that I think about it.

Alright, thank you, forgot about that, Changing the rules now :smiley:

tbh I would love to see this, but how can we be sure no one is using a tutorial?

No idea, Jag.
The best way is to search youtube for hours but…

  1. it’s a waste of time and
    2.what if the tutorial ain’t even on youtube?
    Plus what if someone didn’t use the tutorial, but got inspired by a pre-built redstone thing already on tallcraft?

I’m getting flashbacks from the autistic music machine nix and me made once, this could be fun!

There’s also the complications of what if the idea was from a tutorial, but the redstone is either more compact or optimized in some way. I’ve used ideas and principles from lots of tutorials, but I typically try to compact the redstone down in some way or make it more efficient. So how would that work out?

Otherwise, this seems pretty cool, and I might join in.

I think changing the setup for a tutorial so it’s more unique and has more of a specific person’s ideas in it instead of copying block for block is more what I had in mind, I think being creative is essential for a thing like this, but something found from a tutorial could be something used in the thing, as long as it’s not the main attraction, instead, have it be a small piece of the 1000 piece puzzle that ends up being fantastic by the end. (Dear lord that’s one horrible sentence)

sooooo when does it start?

If we do build something. Does it have to be something functional or look cool or it can be both.


If you can make it look cool, great!