Possible RLCraft bug?

Hey everyone!

So I was playing RLCraft with a lot of people yesterday evening (well evening for me) and I finally made my perfect sword that I have been trying to get for a good amount of time now. Now I flew around for a while trying it out on mobs, but there wasn’t one regualer mob that didn’t die instantly, so I asked Nix if I could test it on her. She agreed so I did and ttried it out. It worked pretty good (unfortunately accidently killing 3bams :frowning:). Later on there where some mobs in the desert that i went over to kill when I accedently killed metype with the arc slash enchant. The death message was bugged out, just giving a string saying something about the fact I had killed a player mith a cleave enchant. Very shortly after I log off and come back about and hour or 2 later and my sword was gone. I am almost 100% certain that I had the sword in my inventory before I logged off and I am just wondering what it was that made it vanish. I am gathering the enchants to remake it and was just wondering if it was arc slash that did it.

edit - my off hand shield is also gone too so i dunno what happened

Thanks for reading!

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