Post screenshots of your builds here


Since nobody has showed off any of their creations yet, figured I might show some of mine for now. Feel free to add pictures of your own creations.


Nice Screenshots! How did you build the ceiling in the second picture? It looks great.


Concrete and light grey terracotta. Placing the terracotta took a while though.


Woaah! Looks good! Ceiling on the second pic’s rlly creative, kudos!


I feel like Jhwarren’s cathedral should also be represented here. It’s great work!


:heart_eyes::tired_face: hard to post another build after an amazing cathedral like that

especially with something small like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, this build’s not at all as big as the previous ones shown, but I’m just rlly proud of the renovation MeowingInsanely and I were able to do with the old “Board of Spruce” (Now “Board of Purr-ple” :smile_cat:)


Looks great! Going to post some of mine when I’m home again.


My soon to be storage Room! Just ignore the signs & chests if you could :3


At the moment, I’ve been renovating a village (yes I still have a Christmas Tree, I haven’t removed it yet)


Here’s another one, this one in the 1.13 test world. Please ignore the cat, it somehow got in and I’m not going to kill it!


This is my nature building so far on 1.13 test server, still a lot of things to do but its getting there.


Those are some low graphic settings. :scream:


haha yea didnt notice change it xD, btw waiting for optifine and shaders for 1.13


Here’s my latest, this one located in my very own basement.


not a screenshot but good enough, this is my soon to come basement😁


Let’s revive this topic!
I found a great build by ChillaxJDM. Hope he doesn’t mind me posting it here.
I like the clean look of it!


What else do I have in store…
Good old Scaleswind:


Here are some pics of my house on TC. :smiley:


That house on the left with the flat roof is mine. I built it in May of 2016. Wow, time really flies… that was almost 3 years ago.


I would love to post my builds there…
Imma do that tomorrow (Friday) =D