Potential Stats transfer

If you didn’t know already minecraft merged bedrock and Java and I used to have 2 accounts one for bedrock one for Java and now that they merged them I was wondering if staff could transfer my stats from my GrookeypowHD account to my Gro0key account however I know alts are not allowed so u can maybe ban my GrookeypowHD account or something like that. the account I own and use for tc is GrookeypowHD however the account I want to use is Gro0key (name is kinda bad) thank you for ur time and have a nice day

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Hi! Unfortunately we can’t transfer stats or ranks between accounts due to high technical complexity. If you want to switch accounts you can of course transfer claims and protections yourself. We’re happy to help if you’re running into any issues with that!

Thanks for the reply so I’m I allowed to log on with the Gro0key account
As it is a alt?

Yes you may use both accounts for the purpose of transferring stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you i will start transfer the account :smiley:

I’m richest Starter one alive XD

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