Potential Tallcraft modpack

Hello everyone! :smiley:
I’ve recently had an idea about having a modpack dedicated to Tallcraft survival - couple of mods that wouldn’t change the gameplay much, but would still be a nice addition to the playtime experience!
I’ve tried to gather some mods suggestions, here’s a list of them so far (keep in mind that all of those mods are client-sided, meaning that it wouldn’t change anything to the server) :
■ Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - my favorite mod so far, it adds different animations for the dogs when they get too tired from sitting on the same spot :slight_smile:
■ Proportional Destruction Particles - reduces the amount of particles when breaking the block
■ Illuminations - adds fireflies and various glow-in-the-dark ambient particles
■ Ambient Sounds - adds the fancy sounds
■ Optifine - Performance tweaks
■ JEI - adds a list of all the items in the game and their crafting recipes!
■ Presence footsteps - more sounds when walking on different blocks
■ Appleskin - shows you how many hunger points the food will restore
■ Xaero’s minimap - it adds a minimap
■ Sound Filters - adds reverb to caves and mutes sounds when you’re underwater

I fully understand those who despise mods, so this potential modpack is not mandatory for anyone to install, but in case you do want it - please leave your opinion and it would be extra useful and nice if you leave your own mod suggestions as well! Keep in mind that they need to be client-side only.


Add optifine and I’m in :slight_smile:

-mob dismemberment
-Just Enough Items mod
-SekC Physics mod

i think the shulker thing is already in vanilla mc pnut

reduces the amount of particles when breaking the block

nah i want more particles /j

i just wish we could have a mod that would allow us to take our xp and put it in a bottle, people could sell their xp or could just bottle their xp before doing something that could result in their death

Just a quick reminder, we are looking for client-side only mods. These can’t change any game mechanics. That’s usually server-side. We’re aiming more for an “enhanced vanilla” with some tweaks.

These won’t work as they aren’t client-side.

Same issue, that would need to be implemented with a plugin given that we want to support both people playing without mods and with the pack.

@Nixnameable you’re listing a bunch of sound mods. Probably worth checking how well they play together. Maybe we could use Ambient Sounds as a baseline and see if more are even needed.

yes boss will do (20 characters)

I’m using the Spawn Egg 3D texture pack to show Safari netted mobs, but I guess that doesn’t count as a client-sided mod, right?

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This seems a cool idea, although I don’t think I can help too much as I primarily use Fabric rather than Forge. Though I would suggest that adding these mods to the allowed/forbidden mods list might be a good idea after it’s finalized.