Project Omega Dig

Project “Omega Dig” or “Digger” is a project I have been working on since January and have had some help on but not as much as I would need to complete it by the end of May (which is my preset deadline). What project digger is, is a 128x128 zone I have marked out to be dug down to bedrock. Why I started this project is because I wanted to be able to make huge auto farms that have really good spawn rates, but in order for them to have the spawn rates and space for the farms I wanted, I would have to dig out the entire area down to bedrock thus giving me the space I needed to build the auto farms and light up the surrounding area for really good spawn rates. but what I didn’t account for was how large and taxing the project would be, so I’m making this post for some help and if you come to help out you get to keep any resources you collect. There are also many caves in the area that do need to get lit up and have many ore veins to collect. and those who do help out will have limited access to the auto farms after their built depending on how much they helped out.

So if your interested in helping out go to coordinates X:18892.593 Z:11081.062 where you will find a book on some of the rules on digging in the area, claiming inside the zone for beacons and about setting homes nearby. Also if you do start helping put on the outside of the glass container a sign with your name on it so I know who has helped dig out the area.


I think it would be a good idea for me to note that although it’s a 128 despawn sphere in vanilla, TC has a few modified spawning mechanics one of which involves reducing the despawn sphere. It’s more around 100 in practice from what I’ve seen, so be aware of that in the placement of your mob farms (other farms like crop farms should work fine anywhere in the 10x10 loaded chunks grid).

(Also, the caves don’t need to be lit up if you dig everything down to bedrock.)