Purpose of /party alliance?

Me, l0ttiie and Neverywhere discovered a command called /party alliance. So far we’ve found out that two parties can be allies with each other. However, we do not know if there are any benefits from it. There is no allied party chat nor shared XP between the alliance members when such option is enabled in both parties. The only thing that seems to show up whenever you type /party alliance (after you’ve already became an alliance with another party) is the text that I will attach in an image below.
When typing /party ? , /party alliance does not seem to even appear in the command list. My question is - does this feature have any uses, or does it serve no actual purpose?
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I assume this has to do with PvP. It could be that if you’re allied with another party you can’t attack them.
See Add Party Alliance · Issue #1009 · mcMMO-Dev/mcMMO · GitHub


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