Raise the mob limit!

A lot of players have complained on how less Hostile Mobs spawn in the world.
Most players, Including myself who like to cure Zombie Villagers to hopefully build a massive villager trading area and/or Iron Farms.

Would there be a slight possibility to raise the limit higher?

  • Yes, Raise the Mobcap
  • No, Keep it low

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I think you’re not talking about mob limits but about spawn rates, right?
Raising spawn rates / limits has major performance implications. We can try it out but I can’t promise anything. Especially since a lot of players create very large and laggy farms.


Yes, My bad, spawn rates.

Found a couple slimechunks and with the only player online (Usually), No mobs spawn, If they do its like 9 or less

I’ve adjusted the configuration slightly. It will apply upon next survival restart. Let me know if you notice anything.

I think the Problem is, that Mobs which are spawned by spawners Cant actually despawn (Well atleast it looked like it when checked my Mobfarm) Some kind of Plug in which Kills hostile mobs in all Dimensions might come in handy.

Edit: Or which “clears” them out so new mobs can spawn.

Edit 2: Nevermind They Despawned when I just looked.