Ratue contest! (title was too short to post)

Until 5:00 AM GMT Tuesday, contestants will be able to build their rat statue. (sorry for not posting this when the contest started i forgot we had a forum) If you need materials you can talk to rat and he’s gotchu. Same thing if you need land. You may join the contest even after it has started. If 5 people enter, there will be a first and second place. If 8 people enter, there will be a third place. Please message rat on discord or minecraft if you are going to enter. Judgement will last a full day. If you are not able go get on and tp me to your ratue, please give me the coordinates of your ratue.
First prize- Your choice of mending and infinity bow, access to all of my farms, or 100k.

Second prize- Your choice of access to my gold farm or 50k

Third prize- 25k

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