Request for my gold

hello there my in game new is iamthe_faceofbow i had finally reached 1 million in money and have never cared for diamond so now i am left with no gold and have never been serious on getting diamonds where as some other plays may have stacks and stacks i will say i am not happy with the new currency as it was supposed to put everyone to the same level but the issue with that is people are just more reluctant to sell as they still want the old prices and some people still have an unfair advantage if they did like to get tons on diamond they are now rich.

thats me ive said it i would just like to have the equivalent of gold back so its not a full waste even tho all the stuff i sold to get the mill was now for nothing

If you make a ticket in game, they will put your gold into a chest with your name on it at the old shop!

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Handled the ticket in-game.