Restarting RLCraft?

It’s a shame seeing RLCraft becoming less and less popular these days. Sure, there are couple of people still playing it, but it’s not the same as it used to be. Sad part is - most of the stuff is looted, the Ender Dragon has been defeated and people lost interest to it.
My idea may not be supported by many, but what if we created a new world for RLCraft server, to start with a clean canvas? It would be a great opportunity for new players to discover what RLCraft is, and for old ones to get back into this modpack. For people who don’t want to lose their progress, there might be a way to share the old world as a file, in some way? So people can still have access to it.
RLCraft may be difficult and annoying sometimes, but I think playing it with such awesome people as TC community is what makes it much better.

I agree, but I also wouldn’t really wanna lose my progress, would a farmworld-like area be something that could possibly happen?

I think this would be a great idea, actually. Part of the reason I haven’t been as active on RLcraft was because I felt that there wasn’t much I could do for my team at that point. (Void is quite exceptional at RLcraft). I get the not-wanting-to-lose-your-progress part, but so very few are active on RLcraft anyway that I think a world file like Nix suggested would be great. Just my two cents.

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I’d think doing something like what was done to the end and nether would be better, so there would be the old RLCraft world and a farmworld RLCraft world.

I’ve expanded the world border so the main world is now double in size. Players who want to start fresh can do that in the newer world parts, while the other players can keep their bases. :slight_smile:


Absolutely love it, it’s a much better solution than mine. Thanks a lot!