RLCraft Team List

To get a better overview of who’s playing, we have decided to make a list of teams on the RLCraft server.

RLCraft Team List

Beach Boys & Girls

  • Nixnameable
  • Ravadosh
  • Soggney

Da Bois

  • FrigidR88
  • giant_rat_420
  • ShadowMakerXCX
  • VoidAstor
  • miclol

Team Dinosaur; Best Team; Dream team; Beef Chiefs; Sheep Beefs; Traders Extraordinaire; We’re not dating, stop shipping us

  • Metype
  • ThatOneLuke


  • MeowingInsanely
  • Stefnotch
  • Thierrycool


  • Rolahr
  • Toastycrumbz
  • TukaElf

If you aren’t on the list yet or something has changed, feel free to edit the wiki or reply to this topic.


miclol joins Da Bois. (With permission of course)


Great team name. 10/10.


I suggest reviving this article and perhaps add a 2nd paragraph with new teams, since we’re playing updated RLCraft again!
I’ll start!
Team Lexingtonix:

  • Lexingtonius
  • Nixnameable

We could also make a list of parties, since that’s a thing in the updated modpack now as well! :slight_smile:

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Our team name and members is yet unchanged, however our waystone is “Downtown Coolsville” because we’re cool.

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