RLCraft Team List

To get a better overview of who’s playing, we have decided to make a list of teams on the RLCraft server.

RLCraft Team List

Beach Boys & Girls

  • Nixnameable
  • Ravadosh
  • Soggney

Da Bois

  • FrigidR88
  • giant_rat_420
  • ShadowMakerXCX
  • VoidAstor
  • miclol

Team Dinosaur; Best Team; Dream team; Beef Chiefs; Sheep Beefs; Traders Extraordinaire; We’re not dating, stop shipping us

  • Metype
  • ThatOneLuke


  • MeowingInsanely
  • Stefnotch
  • Thierrycool


  • Rolahr
  • Toastycrumbz
  • TukaElf

If you aren’t on the list yet or something has changed, feel free to edit the wiki or reply to this topic.

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miclol joins Da Bois. (With permission of course)

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Great team name. 10/10.