Sban request for multlipe griefing


  1. greetings everybody. Im back at it again. U might remember me for “griefing” near mid (i was just trying to build a house btw, didnt know there was construction going on there). As i said in my previous try, im a different pearson using this account (i was olga_728, used to play in team with my friend on this account if checkable) and something you might remember is how bad the english of the pearson using this account was a year ago, and he wouldnt be able to qrite something like this. I also wanted to say that im in a discord call with him right now, and im asking him about how he got banned and why he decided to build it. He said he is sorry but he cant do much about it. Thats all. If you need any more evidence you are pleased to ask (my discord is open if needed). Have a great one.

25 11 2022

I apologize for the wait!
Your ban: Tallcraft Players
Your previous ban dispute: I got banned 2 years ago - #2 by Tallcraft
Relevant staff members: @ThatOneLuke @emodog
Please note, bans will not be removed just because ownership of the account changed hands. Ban disputes are only valid if the ban is unfair, either because of a misunderstanding and no infraction was committed, or because the duration is too long (such as a permanent ban having gone for a year+ for something that isn’t super terrible and not a second offense).

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