Secret Santa 2023

Well its time for this years Secret Santa!!
The event will follow in the footsteps of previous christmas events and it states as follows;
-Stage one will entail that you hand in your wishlist in the form of a signed book and quill in the dropoff chest at the wilderness (i really need to make something new)
This part will last until the 10th of december, starting from tonight.
-The area where you will find your gift receiver will be announced in the coming days!
-If you don’t manage to get your book into the vent on time, there is a chance you might still be able to join stage, but i can’t guarantee
-Stage 2 is when you will be given a wishlist and try to get as much as you possibly can from it. There will be an area where you can drop off the items will be announced later. This will go on until morning the 24th (Christmas in some countries) where Santa will unlock the gifts for the right person!

If you have any questions about the event, DM Bovall on discord and i’ll try and answer any questions you might have! keep an eye on the post and on discord for further updates!

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