Secret santa this year?

Just wondering if there’s going to be a SS program this year or is the server too dead right now for it to happen?

I would love if there was one, but there aren’t many active players, I don’t think there will be one, but I could be wrong

Feel free to organize one and see how many people show up. You might be right though.

There’s no secret santa this year.
The player count is just too low.

Maybe. We could have a late secret Santa In Jan/Feburary?

I’m afraid there won’t be an event like that this year. I have asked in chat a couple of times and there didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in it.

However, I do have something else planned for this year, which will be revealed around the 25th (I have to see when I have enough time.). :3

That being said, if there does happen to be enough interest in a late SeSa event, we could probably still do that.

  • Yes, I want to have a late Secret Santa event!
  • No, I don’t really care.

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Post below if you’re interested or have other suggestions.

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You may put a lot of your own time into this, but we still really appreciate what you do! You really do a lot for this server :blush:

But the thing is @Thierrycool Sesa was great in 2016, not so great in 2017, and completely dead in 2018.
Sure, We can have a late SESA, but, Who would show up?

According to the poll so far, 4 players. The count doesn’t really matter however. It’s not about getting a ton of players to join, it’s about making each other a gift and have some fun, this can also be done very well in a little family. :3


I’ll be happy with whatever comes to mind, Its the thought that matters <3


My vote is a sign that I might be coming back soon :wink:

Don’t forget to sign up for the other event this year! Just a few days left. :wink:
To join, just go to /wilderness and follow the signs.