Server Broadcast

When a new player joins it shows:
[Server] Broadcast: joined for the first time!

Could we get that updated to:

[Server] Broadcast: Welcome to Tallcraft Network!

as some players don’t welcome new players to the server.

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Moved to #feedback.

Also, the 20 character limit is going to be annoying for things like “Closed.” or “Moved to #feedback.”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t it a 10 Character limit? :stuck_out_tongue: & thanks :smiley:

Yes but it’s still an important rule to prevent spam and help with discussion quality. :wink:
You don’t have to necessarily announce when you’re moving something.

I actually think the current message is better. What can you misunderstand about joined for the first time?

Hm. Well they could’ve joined in the past… That’s one thing.
But if they haven’t joined at all, that message could be helpful,

Maybe for survival: [Server] Broadcast: Welcome to Tallcraft Survival

And maybe have Tallcraft half Green Half Gray?