Server List Voting (Rewards?)

Hi everyone,
I’ve decided give Minecraft server list voting another try. While we stopped with voting and vote rewards a few years back, I’ve run some experiments recently and I suspect that it brings some people to the server.

Vote here:

I also plan to add vote rewards (on survival) again. What kind of rewards do you think would be suitable? Maybe we can collect some ideas and then have a poll.


I think a moderate pool of rewards with different weights would be pretty nice. About the way we’ve had it back then. So anything from dirt to a diamond or a bit gold/money. This seems much better to me than just money, like we’ve had it before that.

  1. Cash ( doesn’t have to be much )

  2. XP/ xp bottles

  3. food

  4. Reward keys ( common key, rare key, legendary key, etc.) to put in a chest and get a bad/good reward ( small chance to get )

  5. Tittles you can unlock with a special amount of votes
    ( such as : {voter} [Ultimate6] SGTGingerbeard:

Will come with more suggestions when i have some ideas

Cheers! :beers:


I really liked the old system. I wouldn’t mind seeing it return! :slight_smile:


I still have some vote rewards from the old system stashed away lol. Maybe the new one could be a crate-style vote system? Those are more popular as it allows you to collect vote keys and then sell them.


Ability to rename one item per vote a custom color?

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