Show if chest is empty in the mall shop

I own a shop in the mall. I get shoppers and sometimes my items become out of stock.

Is there any way I can automatically show that my chest is empty in the mall shop if it’s sold out besides me manually checking the chest when I log on and putting a “sold out” sign above the chest? And also is there a way to automatically show how much of the item is left in the chest?

I don’t want people to click buy on a product and have them be disappointed if it says out of stock. I want them to know automatically ahead of time before they hit buy on the sign.


The plugin we use for the chest shops doesn’t support this. However, there used to be a feature where it removed the sign and put it in the chest if the shop was empty. We can look into enabling that. What do you think?

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That would be a cool thing to enable.

My main problem with that is since I run a book store I would have to get the books IDs and everything every time. It’s not a massive thing but it would be quite annoying. Also with my store selling books it sells out decently fast. I am just one person though, andI don’t log on that regualrly so if many other people want this then I’m fine with it.

Maybe we could try enabling that just for a week or so and see if people like it?

Can we possibly edit the feature to let it keep the text? Treat those signs as non-stackable individual signs?

I’ve changed the chest shop settings so that:

  1. There is no longer a fee for creating shops
  2. If a shop gets out of stock the sign is removed and placed in the chest.

The sign will be cleared, however, creating a new sign is really fast if you use ? for the item ID. It will automatically create the ID, matching the items in the chest.

These settings will apply in the coming days (whenever I get to restart the server).


Now I just have to remember the price/quantities, possibly making an excel sheet with it.
While i’m at it, I might type out every shop with prices next server restart

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when exactly is this going to effect? It’s been 2 weeks, I’m just curious.

Should be active since today. Sorry for the delay.

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It works but for chests that were already empty (before the change took effect) and I try to buy from it, the sign doesn’t go in the chest, EX: OverallButton’s books at -22297/68/-13006

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