Skeleton Farm Showcase Area

I decided after a while to collect skeleton spawners and start myself a skeleton farm this farm is 26 spawners big atm but i could still add more and gets lots of bones very fast and is great for exp

this is the best one i could get without being killed by 20 and i added a little light to help you guys see it better the back two on the left arent showing cause im slightly too far away but my kill room has those work as well speaking of my kill room heres a picture of that anyone who wants to get me blue concrete to help me make it all blue that would be appriciated :stuck_out_tongue:-MysticUmbreon_ Anyone who has skeleton farms can also post theres here btw

Nice work Eevee

You need to update your discord :stuck_out_tongue:

How fast can you get from no levels to 30 easily?

Haven’t timed how fast yet

Wow! That’s a lot of spawners!
You can also take screenshots in Minecraft with the F2 key. This way we don’t see your whole desktop ;).

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I told him this, or edit with,
That’s how I did the “How to connect to Dropper” forum post (old forums)

Lol idrc if people see my desktop

But we prefer to see more of your game :wink:

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Now THAT is definetly better than mine farm =D
How did you even manage to get that many ?
(And what are the plans? I must copy it ^^)

I just get spawners over time so ya :man_shrugging: pretty easy also no you cannot copy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone remember the time before we had the SilkSpawners plugin?
When you found a spawner and that was it’s location. So you could either break it, build a farm around it or leave it for someone else.
You had a single spawner, or if you were lucky, two or maybe three close two each other and connected them together.

These days people have 10-30+ spawners together for a single farm… o.O

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but maybe a bit OP? :thinking: But it’s definitely nice not to be bound to a fixed location anymore when building farms. :smiley:


I remember doing that on Single Player Survival, It was horrific,
Now in SMP (survival Multiplayer) and having SilkSpawners It’s amazing :smiley: