So about earlier today... and that dragon egg

Hey there, I was online yesterday, and I was just messing around doing random stuff, and when farmworlds reset, I went to the end, and wanted to get an elytra, but once the dragon was dead, java(I think) said something about the spawn protection being gone, so I thought that maybe the same applied to the end, I tried on the egg.

Lo and behold, I got a dragon egg. So, there’s a lot of controversy going around at what I’d ought to do with it, so I’m just here to ask a staff member, is there anything specific I need to do with it? Do I need to get rid of it, or am I allowed to keep it?

Also, for any none staff members, if you’ve come to this post to be upset at me for having something I’m not “supposed” to have, please don’t, it’s not necessary. I want to just have this situation dealt with so I know if I need to destroy it or keep it. I’m sorry for any damage this may have caused throughout the community, there are no hard feelings from me, and if I am forced to get rid of it, I will happily do it without question, thanks for the time, I’ll see y’all ingame.

That’s all from me,

i think you could have just simply dmed a staff member about this instead of making a thread; considering you had earlier asked in chat again if players would have done the same. someone did mention it, and i myself only figured out later when i was in a separate, private voice call with tall; he said he would take care of it later (at the time of someone saying the spawn protection is gone i was afk)
later a few other players and i figured out the spawn protection is gone pretty much everywhere so i had dmed tall about it, he’ll see it pretty soon as of me writing this rn.

maybe the way you were approached wasn’t the best, it’s not worth fighting over it. once tall figures out what happened to spawn protection we’ll see what’s going to happen, because if anything, the dragon egg always had been in the spawn protection and it -would- be unfair to others who weren’t the first to try, or generally never really had a chance to get an egg.
it’s more important that the protection gets figured out, however

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Thanks for the reply, thanks for letting me know what’s been going on, I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be honest, yeah, I really messed up in the way I approached the incident. I should’ve made a ticket/msg a staff member first. For the past month, I’ve been stressed beyond belief(a really close family member died, my best friend and his family got covid, and work stuff has been stressing me out too), in reality, I should’ve kept quiet about it and just make a ticket/msg a staff member. I’m sorry for any chaos taking the egg has caused, and I hope that the spawn protection gets figured out soon.

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Alright, 26 minute later update, the egg is going to be handed over to a staff member to be dealt with accordingly.

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