Someone was being rude to me, but I got banned instead

Minecraft Name: JonnyJet330 (It was JonnyJet777 at the time of the ban.)
So there was this guy practically bullying me for like an hour (and my friend) and when we started saying stuff back we got instantly banned. It was not even inappropriate. The moderator didnt even spell “being rude” right. He was either joking, or is going too harsh on me.


Am I ever gonna get unbanned? My friend is bugging me to play, and I really wanna play.

@ThatOneLuke has banned you, so we’re waiting for him to reply.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I see no reason why you should stay banned, and will get you unbanned as soon as possible. Whilst you wait, please read the rules and catch yourself up on them.


I dont think ive been unbanned but ill go check

Im still not unbanned

I’ve unbanned you. Again, sorry for the delay.