Starting over in survival

Hi all,

2019 brings the new update of Minecraft 1.14 weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :evergreen_tree:

I haven’t played MC in a good while as I felt uninspired and bored- however I am looking to get back into it especially on a server that is made for survival and has a good community. :rabbit2:

Will Tallcraft be making a new world for this and more importantly would everyone start from the beginning and have no items/stats. For me starting over is something I really enjoy- working hard and having people start from an equal place where we can all come together and help one another. :sunflower:

I feel like this would be really good and fresh for the server! :seedling:

Let me know the facts and your thoughts. :cloud:

Much love :green_heart:

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I’m hoping for the same!

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I really hope that it won’t just be like that. I don’t want to leave everything behind like that and I am sure that a lot of players would agree. Especially ones who’ve just started getting a base up after the update.

Just removing or not updating the current survival anymore is not a good option in my opinion. The best option imho would be to let each player choose whether they want to play in an updated version of the current world or in a totally new world from scratch.

I don’t like enforcing major changes like that on players when there’s definitely an alternative.


I’m not suggesting to destroy the old worlds, I’m suggesting a new 1.14 server in another section that is from scratch. I’m not sure how easy that would be though!

I definitely understand not destroying all the hard work that was previously/currently on the server. The builds people have done are incredible and should be there for as long as possible for all to see.

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Maybe transfer a few buildings from the players choice. That will preserve older buildings (and with that the hard work) Or maybe a map download as some sort of memory… I don’t really know.


Not updating the current world and just abandoning it from a mantenance point of view would be just as bad though. I think it’s better to just give players both options. For the future we could even have our current survival as some kind of permanent thing and then have another survival server which resets every once in a while. The reset period could be subject to vote for example.

I just don’t like enforcing ideas onto everybody, like Mojang did with 1.9 combat for example. For example a setting for singleplayer and server owners to switch between traditional and new combat, would’ve surely caused less of an uproar in the community.

Of course this is neccessary in several cases, but in this case, both options could be provided imo. :3


I was never against both, I just think evolution could really be necessary to keep old committed players staying and bringing new players in that would want to stay. It’s not really fun joining a new server that has been cleaned out of all it’s goods already. It does not make you want to stay but if 1.14 comes out and TC is updated ASAP with the update and we all jump on starting from scratch it’d be great in my opinion and refresh the community. I found TC because I was looking for a free reign type of survival server which was new with the update I had not tried before and I think a lot of people that like survival would feel that way too. TC is special in that way with it’s freedom :green_heart:


I agree with amanda, I think something new and fresh for 1.14 would be amazing. Obviously still have a way to access the old world if people would rather continue to work on that.
Me personally I got really bored of playing on the current server because I had all the best armour and tools, so many items and I had a whole town built. I ran out of things to do, I couldn’t go exploring because majority of the world is already explored. And if someone new joined they don’t have a lot of options to choose from with the current world.

It would be so great if a new world could somehow be implented into the server just so old and new players alike can have a fresh start with a new minecraft version. :blue_heart:


Zfa you summed up exactly how I feel. I have everything. I like the old world because of all the memories, and sometimes I just come on for the nostalgia. I think having the option to switch from old and new would be the best option. Having something like how it is with survival world 1 is would be cool. Also I’d also like to mention, I agree with Amanda when she says that having a old and exploited world isnt very appealing to new players.


O so that’s why some people prefer 1.9 & below servers owo

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I will just make a private survival server (not advertised) as I want to play as soon as it comes out pretty much but thank you for the discussion :tulip:

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