Statistics Page

We have a brand new statistics page showing various statistics of each player.
That way you can easily check your statistics and compare them with your own.

  • Some of the statistics are missing and/or wrong.
    I will be trying to find a solution to this. So far all I know is that some players’ stats got reset during the 1.13 update (mine included). There’s no easy way to fix that since, while we do have backups, the format is completely different we can’t just use the backup. In addition to that, some stats from after the 1.13 update are incorrect as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them below.

Please report any incorrect stats here: Statistics Page - Incorrect Stats Reports .


Couple things:

  1. How often do the statistics update?
  2. I noticed that spiders on the website combined both regular and cave spider kills. Same thing seems to apply to variants, like strays and skeletons. Is this intentional?
  3. I also noticed that some of the things on the awards list are 1.14 items.

For the few statistics I’ve tried though, it seems to match the client stats button if you take into account the fact that it hasn’t updated. Also, I violated your statement and clicked on the players tab.

  1. The update script has to be run manually as of now, but we will automate that eventually. We don’t have a set interval for that yet, but perhaps once a day?
  2. I’m not sure actually, you may find more information about that on the corresponding GitHub-project ( which is also linked at the bottom of the stats page.
  3. That’s simply due to the fact that the project includes all of 1.14’s stats as well. They will just remain empty for now.

That’s good if you think your stats are correct. Some player’s stats are off by quite a lot (on the page as well as ingame statistics).

Well I’m not forcing you not to click on it. :wink: But in just the few hours this has been up, multiple players crashed their browser with it. (Opening the player tab results in a rapid increase in memory RAM usage, up to several GB.) We’re thinking about changing how the data is for that is being loaded as the way it’s designed currently, isn’t really optimal for servers with a lot of stats data.

Yes, I’ve set it up like that. First I wanted to do weekly, but it seems update runs are very fast, so once a day works :slight_smile:

I’ve optimized it a bit, so hopefully you should get faster page load times, especially people from outside Europe.

Too bad this won’t let me see my stats, Really wanted to see how much time I put into the server :unamused: