[Suggestion] Searchable chest shop list website?

Hey there,

I just had a thought: it’d be very interesting if a full list of all (public) chest shops were searchable on a website.
Even better if you could select the town (shopzone or others), and see what the remaining stock was, along with the price per amount of offered item.

I don’t know how difficult this would be to implement, but an additional button that links through to the dynmap, to center on the chest shop, would also be grrrreat :smiley:

Kind greetings,

  • Nev

I personally think that would be very hard.

How would you search for them? City? Co-ords? And not to mention a full list of all public chest shops would be more then you think.
I’m not tryin’ to argue, just wondering how you think it could work, and how you think it could be made.

Personally, it would sound like an adventure!
Imagine there’s some guy who has a shop for Shulker Shells for $2k… I’d start figuring out how to get there, and begin my trek! :smiley:

Well, the chest shop plugin has to store its data somewhere, and I imagine it saves the following information:

  • Chest coordinates
  • Name of the person that offers the item
  • Name of the item that’s being offered
  • Amount of items being offered
  • Price for the offered amount

Incidentally all the things I’d like to filter on! Except maybe player name, although it could be handy to see how many shops you have up yourself, in case you came back after being gone a long time (like I’ve done twice now :smiley:)

I’m hoping the format of the data is easily accessible by the server administrators, so if that data is fed into a table format, you should be able to filter on those things. To oversimplify, it’d be like an Excel sheet with filtering enabled.

To be clear, the website would be a View-only type of situation in this proposal - if you want to create your chest shop, you’d still have to do it in-game.

As for linking with the Dynmap, that shouldn’t be too hard, since it uses specific arguments in the URL, like for instance this one, which contains the world name, along with the X-, Y-, and Z-coordinates:


As for figuring out how many items are in that specific chest, I’m hoping it’s easy. However, it’s quite plausible that’s not saved in the same place, since the chest shop plugin (as far as I know) only provides the functionality, and the success and error messages (like a user not having enough money, the chest being full, out of stock).

I don’t think the plugin tracks coords of the chests since it is primarily for protecting the chests. That might require something completely different to work

I didn’t think about that! That would be a problem. How else would they find where the chest was? I am missing the ability in all of minecraft to see my co-ords but other people would need to use co-cord to find the chest.

/coords and fn+f3 let you see coords