[Suggestions] Elytra missing from economy

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

The past week, I’ve seen more and more players mention they’d like to buy/loot an Elytra, but the farm End doesn’t reset that often, and is thus often found to be mostly raided.
Because of that, it understandably creates a bit of a hoarding mentality towards those that do find them, because you don’t want to be stuck without one.
A direct result of this seems to be that there aren’t (m)any stocked Elytra shops in the mall, creating a shortage.

To remedy this, I present four options, none of which are written in stone :wink::

  • [Admin shop] Re-instating an admin shop for clean, unenchanted Elytras. This can be a high price.
  • [Automated timed farm End resets] The Overworld and Nether farm worlds aren’t explored quite as fast as the End. Perhaps the End can be reset more often than the others? As for the period, I thought of 6 hours shy of 7 days, creating a rotation scheme, giving players around the globe “first jab” at the freshly generated End.
  • [Increased farm End boundary] As mentioned before, the End is explored much quicker than the other worlds. This is because the end is… well, empty. Perhaps increasing the map size might already be a quick fix to the problem?
  • [Adding as a drop] If even technically possible, a 50% drop chance of an Elytra from a tough opponent such as the End Dragon could be considered?

I believe at least one of these steps (or perhaps an unlisted alternative) might be necessary to sustain the player base with Elytras.

Thanks for reading! :blush:


I think that these are some great ideas, but I believe there’d be some issues, as the people who grind it out for them and are there when the farmworld resets won’t stop because it resets more often or because the border is increased, and putting in an infinite shop takes away from some of the most important parts of survival in my opinion.

While I would love to have the ender dragon have a chance to drop an elytra, I think that it could possibly devalue something that is one of the most essential items in the game for almost all aspects of the game(and some players might not know, and it’s already quite unknown on how to get the end for new players).

Currently, I would say that the issue is that as new people get elytras, they start exploring to find more, they sell those to other players, and the cycle continues, with elytras disappearing faster as time goes on. I must say, my solution is sort of a backup in case it just keeps getting worse, but maybe disabling elytras in the end farm world would be a good idea.

I think that in the normal end, they need to stay, but in the farmworld, it would keep it so everyone has an even chance, giving the end an automated timed farm reset as nevery said would also help, to give all parts of the world a solid chance, but having it on a random day.

Even though I think my idea is probably not the best, it could definitely work. Sorry for the essay, it wasn’t purposeful, I swear.

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A point of clarification: I created this topic so that the hoarders can keep on hoardin’, and new players can keep on new playerin’. No change in behavior is expected from the players. These are just ideas to ensure everyone can keep playing however they like. If one player likes hoarding Elytras, that should be totally okay. At the moment, however, it takes all those away from others, which is something I want to fix.

True, but right now the price is infinite, since it’s not being sold anywhere.

Aha, my help book will (someday?) be the end of that! Also, you can always look it up on the TC wiki, or ask someone. TC is not the ideal place for someone who never talks to others (and I don’t believe it should be).

This is currently a missing step, as I mentioned in the first post :wink:

Uh-oh… Only if you can’t die from falling into the void. Because you generally only try to use an Elytra as you’ve jumped off something… I think entirely too many people would die from falling into the void in the farm world (losing their Elytra), further increasing the demand, but not helping with the supply!

That was the idea behind the 6 day and 18 hour reset: it’s highly improbable for the same people to be online during the reset, so after a few months, everyone could be decked out, and not only the collectors :slight_smile:

I totally feel you, why is it so hard to explain concepts with words? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Personally I like the idea of reinstating an elytra shop. Sure it might make them significantly easier to come by, but frankly, is that such a bad thing? I think everyone should have the opportunity to get elytra, and when the end’s being raided out soon as it resets, that becomes tricky.

If y’all are really concerned about price, make them worth 10k or even 20k. That’s a pretty hefty price that one wouldn’t just pay out willy-nilly, and require approximately equal effort to collect if not more.