Survival Server: Hopper Behaviour Changes

TLDR: We will revert back to vanilla behaviour for Minecraft hoppers on the Survival server in about a week.

Update 2024-04-05T22:00:00Z: The changes have been applied.

In order to improve performance on the survival server, particularly when there are many players online, we apply numerous configuration tweaks. Most of them are not or barely noticeable to players.

An exception to this are our changes to hopper behaviour. For some years we’ve deviated from vanilla behaviour by adjusting how often hoppers transfer items and how many items are transferred at a time. While this helped improve server performance, it also broke some redstone machines, particularly sorters. Machines had to be adapted to this special hopper logic in order to work.

Since nowadays hoppers are less of a performance concern for us we would like to revert to vanilla behaviour. This means new redstone machines should work just like on your singleplayer worlds or most other servers. However, this also means that your machines may break and you might have to update your existing builds on Tallcraft to work with vanilla hopper behaviour.

We plan to make this change in roughly 1 week, but after 2024-04-05T22:00:00Z

Here is what’s changing in detail:

diff --git a/config/mc-survival/spigot.yml b/config/mc-survival/spigot.yml
index 8061dbc..9b8fb8b 100644
--- a/config/mc-survival/spigot.yml
+++ b/config/mc-survival/spigot.yml
@@ -156,9 +156,9 @@ world-settings:
       item: 2.5
       exp: 3.0
-      hopper-transfer: 24
+      hopper-transfer: 8
       hopper-check: 1
-    hopper-amount: 3
+    hopper-amount: 1
     hopper-can-load-chunks: false
       jump-walk-exhaustion: 0.05

We will trial this new configuration for a while and may adjust it if we do run into perf issues.


MIS, here I come. :smiley: