Survival: Spawn for the new world (1.13) [Unofficial]

I have a couple of snapshots of a prototype of a new spawn for the new survival world.

Top of spawn.

Side view of spawn.

Inside view of spawn.

I hope you like these ideas.


@Tallcraft the comment above is what you requested, snapshots of the prototype spawn, hope you like them


Does this look a good size for a spawn to you Thierry?


Ive got some pics from the new, enlargened prototype here.

Top of spawn

Side of spawn

Inside of spawn

What I think you would need for the wheat farms is
1: Detect if there is a wheat plant in place.
2: If there istn’t a wheat plant in place, plant one immediately
3: Accelerate the growth of the potatoes.

What I want is the time between the wheat plant broken to the wheat plant being fully-grown to be almost instantly.


Maybe try to include things from 1.13 Snapshot Pre 8, As we’re wanting to put the new blocks as a new Wilderness for Mc 1.13 world.

K. I was thinking about adding some coral to the glass dome to give it some colour.

When you mean about adding blocks from 1.13-pre8, do you mean dead coral fans, because that was introduced in that pre-release, or just blocks from the 1.13 snapshots/pre-releases?

I was thinking about adding a block of coral at the very top, nd then cascading down from it, 4 lines of coral.

I’ve moved your posts to a separate topic so that you have enough room to discuss your building project.

do you think that we’ve finished building? i’ve done the farms but i think i should also work more on the entrance

I’m kinda cringing with normal glass X3

Try white or blue-ish variants =3

What about a combination of blue and cyan?

Would be nice ^w^ but, don’t do checkered pattern, try to make a wave stripe leading to the center. Like jello? XD or a spiral sea shell.

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Oh also I was planning for my idea for the spawn to be at the back of a turtle =3

Maybe you can add that? X3

What about randomized, like not in any specific pattern? That way it might look a little more “natural”.

lel somehow I kept thinking abt turtles in regards to the spawn too, except the entire spawn was a turtle and u leave at the mouth… :joy:


sure, i’ll add some of that

Here is the final idea for the spawn.

Top of spawn (excuse the block of glass that is missing water, cos I had to melt ice to get water on top)

Side of spawn

Inside of spawn

I hope me and D_i_a_v_l_o get hired for the job,


Yeah, I think we have done enough