Survival: Wilderness Location Suggestions

Hi everyone,

We are looking for new wilderness spots for new and old players to start building on some fresh land.
Do you have any suggestions? If so, please post screenshots or links to the map location.

As we move Wilderness locations I’ll keep updating this topic.

Current Wilderness

So I have started a wilderness. I have some screenshots to post which is what I will do in a little bit but it is in the plains yes. The wilderness has a small farm for the starters and enchanting room and anvil room. Its still a work in progress but it looks pretty good from what Tall said. Here are some of the screenshots.

It also has a fishing pond! Tell me ideas if you want this as our wilderness :smiley:


Looks great. Can you also provide a link to the map with the location?

Sure can! Though I may have to claim some things around it though because I have something else I built near it but like a couple thousand blocks away.

Well, I really can’t get the link but I can show you the coordinates. Its X: 18486, Y: 64, Z: -3947

Here’s that mesa I found. I have been exploring the area and it seems like a good place for a wild-west themed wilderness. The coordinates of the area are -13340 88 8215.

What do you think of this? Personally, I think a wild-west town themed wilderness would be awesome and a lot more interesting than the other wildernesses that have been around.

Here it is on the map:

As you can see, the area isn’t completely untouched but it seems to be a good spot for a wilderness.


Looks great! I like the idea. Let’s collect some more options and then vote.

a wild-west themed spawn sounds interesting!

Still looking for more Wilderness suggestions! I’ll start a poll soon.

If it just stays at Mesa, are we doing that?

Wild West Mesa has my vote

  • zfa (Mesa)
  • TukaKoala (Overworld)

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Alright. We’re doing the Mesa!
I’ll set up a claim area there. If you want to help building let me know here so I can add you to the claim.

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:raising_hand_woman: I’d like to help build

Added you to the claim! /warp new-wilderness

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Don’t know if it’s too late, but if it’s still being worked on, i’d also like to join in.

Nope, still under construction. You will just have to be added to the claim. The warp is currently /warp new-wilderness.

I’ll add you to the claim when I’m online.
Maybe zfa should claim ownership instead. He’s more active in mc than me and also leads the construction.

Don’t have permission to warp there atm, i’ll have to wait to be added

Would love to join the Community Build :smiley: