Tallcraft needs something new…

Let’s be honest when running a server new players are nice you know ya 1+ to a meaningless counter but when running a server the most important thing is the Community with no community it’s not really a growing server a growing server is one that has lots of events for the sweater (the player who come pack) last year tc (Tall Craft) was doing to great i divided the players into 3 categories the old/og members next the new community (form last year) and the new new community (past few months) the og community has no reason to come back same for the new community unless there is some reason to come back like a tournament which will bring back the og / new community and in such bring the rest

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Yes! We love hosting events but they can sometimes take time to set up, so there’s usually large gaps between them. I promise we will not stop hosting events for the foreseeable future as they’re tons of fun!

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From experience, they are insanely hard to set up. I tried to make one for valentines day and there was an insane number of problems with it(poor planning, vague clues, messy building). Another of the problems with having them is that it’s hard to let a bunch of people know it’s happening(not everyone uses discord) and then for the really big ones, a lot of the people who really want to have them are people who helped build it- so they would know the solution. That, and people are just busy. You can’t really plan stuff for a specific day because it alienates a lot of people who either aren’t awake at the time due to time zones or are working. Due to that, a lot of ideas for events get deleted entirely. However, I think that one of the best options for events is just having them be more frequent so that more people can do them, so maybe a monthly building/hunger games event?

I’m not sure, I do think having a few times per year where there is something really big would be cool, like maybe twice a year, and have smaller events as suggested above fill in the gaps for when the bigger ones are being made so that when people can’t make it to big events, the smaller ones are still always there. Also, the twice a year events would have to be set up in a way where everyone can participate in them in their own time for those who can’t make it there at first.

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leaderboard with stats such as: most players stabbed, most mobs stabbed, most damage done, most damage blocked, most blocks placed, most blocks broken, most diamond mined, most ore mined, most money, most blocks traveled.

there could also be different leaderboard types such as daily, weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime

i also have another idea that dosent really go with the tc vibe and i am not saying this needs to be added but i also feel like the rules being so strict it kind of takes some of the fun away from the tc experience and i am not saying this has to get added but maybe make it so that you can grief and steal from places but ONLY IF it isnt claimed and also being allowed to take inventory items after combat could be good because only like 0.1% of deaths are from pvp and you are way more likely to lose items from natural deaths such as the void and people dont get banned for breaking armor even though that item is lost and axe mcmmo literally has an ability to break armor quicker.


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Yup, I agree!

I remember my first event was a Hunger Games, I have no vivid memories of it however I do know it was REALLY fun and there was quite a few people! I teamed with Rav but died within the first few minutes each round, but now I know the map better… maybe another server-wide Hunger Games event could take place, around the same time as the one last year, near Christmas?

I also really enjoyed all the building competitions (participated in two, came 2nd in first and 1st in second), and not all players have to be online when building since we have a set period in which we can build and come online whenever we want, so time zones won’t make much of a difference - my main concern is publicity, since most players probably won’t know there’s a competition going on unless another player notifies them or if they’re in the discord and happen to check the events stuff.

Either way, both are really fun events and I’d love to see more server-wide activity as a whole!

I could be remembering wrong but I swear around 2020ish there was a separate website with a leaderboard for stats like that. Looked around a little bit but couldn’t find anything, maybe the website is down.

build with plugins/commandblocks??? admins?

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