Tallcraft please help me

I was in the nether searching for potion inredients (I already found 3 magma cream) and I slipped into lava with no fire res :fire: potion so i died and lost: Smite 5 Mending netherite sword named “Heavy Boi”, a sharpness 4 mending iron sword named “Sharp Boi”, an unbreaking 3 netherite helmet, an unbreaking 3 netherite chestplate, unbreaking 3 mending protection 4 netherite leggings named “Pogchamp” and every music disc except for stal and pigstep. Tallcraft if you’re reading this please believe me I don’t have any proof but i am really sad, it took me months to get that stuff and now it’s gone, I would be very happy if you bring back my stuff because you have creative mode. - ewmc2

I don’t mean to discourage you, but typically the staff folks do not replace gear that has been lost through natural, non-malicious means (griefs and thievery not included).

I can’t get you back the music discs, but if you want, I can put together a couple of swords and a set of armor with the aforementioned enchants.

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I also lost a bow named “Resurrected” enchanted with power 5, unbreaking 3, flame and punch 2, no mending or infinity though.

Fine, I’ll replace the bow too. The smite may be tricky, but I’ll see what I can do.

well i’m sorry but that’s how the game works- if you die in lava and lose your stuff you lose it. we don’t replace items unless it was a glitch that can be proven to be a glitch (e.g. being teleported past the border after farmworld resets when you are in the world while it resets)
some players are usually nice enough to help though. just because we have creative does not mean we give out items, which we don’t do in the first place.

Well, I already started trying to get the stuff back (Not the original stuff tho T_T) and i left a music disc (far) in my enderchest and another music disc (mall) in my jukebox but somehow my netherite got incinerated even tho it is netherite witch is not supposed to burn in lava :open_mouth: but the bow was took months to get and i have been trying to create a copy of the other stuff.

I forgot, the netherite sword was smite 5 mending knockback 2 (smite appears to be common in end cities so i might go to them next)

I kinda already got full enchanted netherite armour and a god bow so I think it would be best if you gave the items to some1 else if they have a similar experience but don’t want to grind 4 it or can’t grind 4 it 4 some reason. But ty 4 the offer! :slight_smile: