Tallcraft Survival 1.14

Tallcraft Survival has been updated for Minecraft 1.14.4!
Please update your game in order to play.

For now we don’t plan to add a new world, but we will extend the existing one so you have access to the new 1.14 features. However, in the future we might add an (additional) new world.

If you experience any problems with the update please let us know here. Issues we’re currently working on, which will be resolved soon:

  • Cityportals + personal player portals DONE!
  • Extending the world for fresh 1.14 content! DONE! (Check map borders for 1.14 biomes + animals)
  • Server performance DONE!
  • Reduce AntiCheat false positives DONE!
  • More? Let us know!
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We’re building a new wilderness! To teleport there use /wilderness