Tallcraftland and skull donations

Hello fellow tallcrafter’s !! making this to inform that the construction of the tallcraft theme park is under way, once finished there will be around 5-6 large themed lands many types of rollercoaster giving thrills or a relaxing journey down memory lane!, there will be a many themed buildings to suit from bakeries to vendors there will also be some space for players to sell specialty items not your standard blocks but items renamed all for fun such as Tall’s power pies or Luke’s hot potatoes!!

Once the first land is complete all will be invited for a family fun filled time!

I am need your help tho yes you reading this! for the first ride a river ride journey i am trying to get as many player skulls as possible should you donate any skulls you can they will be put on clear display for all to see along with at the end of the ride a notice board of all the people who have skulls on display.

So if you wish to donate your own skull or think this would be a good chance to show them off then please do not hesitate to contact me in game or even here

Thank youuuu


i can probably donate some