The Fortress of the Sassy King Blog - Entry 1

Hello TallCraft! This is ThatOneLuke and this is something I have been asked to do by my two adoring fans and so I’ve acquiesced and started this blog thing on a project I’m working on. So I’ve been working on this for quite a few years ago now - I reckon it started in late 2016/ early 2017 and it’s been going on and off since then and these are some screenshots of my work so far:

So far this is maybe 2/5 done or so. I still need to do a lot of work on this, but I plan to make a new entry on this blog thing every day or two to update you all on the progress I’m making, since with the COVID-19 there’s not much else to do other than watch paint dry, so stop back soon to see what’s been built! Also if there’s questions you have feel free to drop them down below or in game.


One of the nicest builds on Tallcraft I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!
And thanks for sharing!

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I def dont have the skills or the patience to do this. I am damm impressed. Also it’s only 2/5 done R U MAD.

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The Fortress of the Sassy King Blog - Entry 2

So…about that ‘update every one or two days’ thing - that went out of the window and here we are 13 days later. On the bright side, since I took an age and a half to update this, I have made a lot of progress on the fortress as a whole! In the last update the final tower in the back part of the fortress looked like this:

and now this is what it looks like now:

Also, to add a nature-ish feel a whopping great tree has been added to the courtyard of this area

Looking at the great sturdy oak trunk, it reminded me how barking mad I was to start this whole project, but after a lot of time gazing in awe at the fluttery shrubbery I decided to leaf it be (please don’t leave). With that though, I can say, aside from maybe some small adjustments, that is the final area done, at least on the outside. Now I have begun work on the front area of the fortress, which might just be the biggest part of the whole thing (great).

So far it’s humble beginnings, and I spent an embarrassing amount of time failing to connect a bridge between the two areas, but it eventually worked and now I’m happy with how it looks

The most astute of you will not doubt have noticed that the bridge doesn’t connect to nowhere, and gold star to you! Just this very morning I was working on some walls and such to connect the bridge tower to the next large tower, which I have not started just yet:

I hope to start on that tomorrow. Also, completely unrelated but my previous one beacon setup had upgraded to a five beacon operation so now when I build I can now jump higher, which is exactly what I’ve been needing the last few years. Anyway, that’s basically it for now, and I hope all three of you tune back in whenever I next update this, in two days or two years, who knows? Again, if you have any questions, drop 'em below and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!


How’s the fortress going? :slight_smile:

Hello hello welcome back again and hello to the fortress of the Sassy King himself. This time, three months later! These are becoming more and more far apart, so prepare for entry number 4 in 2023. Anyways, third time’s the charm and I can tell you that yesterday, on the 11th of July 2020 ThatOneLuke did finally, after three and a half years of work, connect up the exterior of his fortress. That is right everyone! Chisel it into the record books, shout it out to the world from the roof of your preferred Burger King location and set off fireworks in celebration! I know that all eight and a half of you that have read these must be simply ecstatic, but it is true, and I have proof!

…20 minutes later I can’t upload pictures - they’re “too large” and cropping doesn’t work so I must throw down my gauntlets in defeat at the might computer lord whom has bested me in the combat of screenshotting. However, since I cannot post proof of my building here, I’ll have to have tours. If anyone fancies a tour of the establishment, give us a shout if we’re both online and I’ll give you a tour of the premises.

Sorry there’s no screenshots again but hey ho, maybe next time. The outer walls may be done but the inside is bare bones in some areas and there’s no interiors for the buildings aside from a few floors so there’s still much more to do! I’ve been working on this on and off for 3 and half years and I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a similar time until it’s entirely done, so don’t fret my friends, more updates will be coming your way soon™.

Thanks again!
-Luke (The Sassy King)