The World Border!

World Border… yes World Border.

With the current invisible World Border, we cannot see where it is.
if you walk past the World Border It’ll randomly Teleport you either:

  • 3 blocks from the border.
  • Into a random cave.
  • Into the void, thus resulting in death and item loss.


  • Having the vanilla world border with the blue/white lines

Or fly into the border in the end.

Removed world border plugin on all servers and replaced it with the vanilla world border.
The new border is visible and will not randomly teleport you.


Thanks so much :smiley:

with ./jump u can come putside the end-world-border, and ur instand death, and lost ur stuff. i think its a Bug @Tallcraft
(Man kann per /jump ausserhalb der Welt porten, man stirbt aber direkt. Per /back kann man zurück stirbt aber wieder direkt. Also das Inv ist dann weg)

Yes, that’s a downside of the new border type. However, this is something only the WorldEdit developers are able to fix.

A way to stop this is to set the damage to 0.
/worldborder damage amount 0

Yes but then the border isn’t effective anymore.

Well, you can’t place blocks outside of the world border anyway. Is it possible to set both the old worldborder and the actual worldborder to the same distance?

The old world border isn’t a thing anymore. :wink: