Thierry's Build Service

Do you have a build on /creative or on a single player world that you want to have on survival as well but don’t want to built it yourself? This I have the solution for you!

Introducing… Thierry’s Build Service!

It is very simple: Just show me your building in /creative or send me a copy of your singleplayer world. The building will be done in survival mode, so you will either have to provide the items yourself or buy them.
The pricing depends on the amount of blocks and complexity of the build.

So if you want your building from /creative or from a singleplayer world on Tallcraft Survival, don’t hesitate and show it to me and I’ll make you an offer! :smiley:

Special offer!
The first 3 customers get 20% off the first building! (Materials not included.)

Only 2 remaining!


A beautiful windmill. :sunrise_over_mountains:
Original build: Ent319 on /creative.