Things good at TC =3


Hai! ^w^

I’m looking for more information to what are the highlights of tallcraft for a mini-project =3
Please contribute what you know so that I could list it down below =3



  • Online since 2011
  • Very active staff
  • Rare down times


  • 1.13.2
  • Saved Old Worlds
  • Towns
  • Friendly players
  • CoreProtect (Or anti-grief system)
  • Anti-cheat system
  • Amazing builds
  • Live Map


  • Live map
  • Awesome builds

Monster Industry

  • Custom Plugin


  • Plenty of challenging maps
  • Trophies

Edit: Thankz Ent & Burturt =3


If you legitimately want to collect what TC has to offer, I wouldn’t be so casual and sarcastic…


Excuse me?!
Is this post a joke?

TC Has been open since, 2011, Yep, All the staff are active, They also log in every day to play, do survival or creative builds, Talks with the active ghost chat.


@Ent Technically yesh =3

This post that haz been made after midnight with reduced thinking power does sound bad now that I have read it again o-o

Sorry about that <-<
I’ll revise it later =3


Anymeows, tnx fur correcting mew ^w^


If you hadn’t of guessed,
My comment was very sarcastic. :joy:


Not really x3
Cat = nyu sleep

Butt! Very active staff… Of at least 2 x3

(Wanna slep ;w;)


What is the project for?


Cure cat posters ^w^


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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I agree with ent


Yeah I mean things seem to be going great


Alright this is getting off topic. If you want to discuss anything in specific please do it somewhere else. Otherwise I’ll have to close this one.


Hmmm ish a neic suggestion =3

After all, you HAVE to see both sides of teh coin to tell what’s really worth ^w^
Looking at teh shiny thing for a long time would make it look dull =/

Imperfections are interesting to see, they have a story to tell.
All gems have flaws, some are just too tiny to see.
Insanity will be close, but understanding is divine.
Try till the end, even if it seems not enough.
Believe in the whole & not just the half.
Keep an open mind, Do not lose faith.

BUT, atm this post ish fur “good things” side =3
You may pm cat with info on impurr-fections if u want ^w^