Trash Build Project!

Do you guys have a ton of blocks that you just don’t need? Well, say goodbye to them with my Trash Build Project! I am taking anyones stuff to build a huge house! So far I have gathered a lot from it but I still am going to need a lot more. I accept anything! Just has to be blocks. Not Mob Drops, not books, not any of those entities. I am mostly looking for Cobble, Dirt, and Wood. If any of you have it, please let me know by giving me a little ping here and I should be right on. I will only be on from 9AM to 10PM Central USA Time until September 4th (When I start school). I will accept any donations of blocks for my build! Anyone who will participate in donating blocks do not only get their name on my help board, but also a room in my house that I am making. I do not use the blocks like how they are most of the time though. Like how CJCox1000 gave me 2 stacks of stone, I turned it into 2 stacks of Stone Bricks. But anyways, I hope you guys will help! See you on Tallcraft :smiley:

I shall donate air =3