Tried to 3D print my old house

I got a 3D printer a little while ago and so I decided to try printing part of the survival world that has my house. Honestly, this turned out much better than I expected it to, even at such a small scale. The details are pretty spot-on. The print didn’t turn out perfect but it’s pretty good.

If anyone wants to know how I did this, I first downloaded the area with World Downloader. Then I used a program called Mineways to convert it to an STL. Last, I opened it in sketchup to get rid of floating objects. Then I exported it as an STL again and from there I was able to print it.


If you think about it, Minecraft is very suitable for this.

Now you just have to paint it :stuck_out_tongue:


I love that you used a banana for size comparison lol.


This is amazing! :smiley:
I have done this with a couple of builds on TC before (years ago) with a 3D printer which I’ve built and shared with someone else.

I recently bought and built my own, but unfortunately the holder for the heatbed broke, so I’ll have to figure out how to get a replacement for that specific part… The manufacturer doesn’t offer it, so either I will send an e-mail to them or I will lasercut my own replacement (All hardware and software parts of mine are open-sourced.).

A few questions out of curiosity: Which printer do you have and which software do you use for it?

I have a Tevo Tarantula and I’m using Ultimaker’s Cura to slice (generate G-code) and then I print it from an SD directly on the printer itself.

The print I’ve built and shared with someone was the first Ultimaker. It was near the beginning of that era and we went to the first 3D-print meeting in Switzerland at which we were able to talk to the founder of Ultimaker via Skype. Was fun! :smiley:

Also: +1 internet point for the banana for scale!


its soooooooooo coooooooool

Thanks. The printer I have is a Creality CR-10, mostly stock except with a few small upgrades. I also had to replace the heatbed connector since it started to burn in the middle of a print. For the licer, I use Cura since it has CR-10 presets in it and I find it works the best and is easiest to use.

That is amazing!
Now you just need to make a larger one in a 1:1 ratio: one block = one meter!