Unban Everyone?

Tallcraft is a small-populated server and a way to get it more popular is by unbanning everyone because with a small server means that it takes longer for a game to start like monsters industry because not many people are joining. I personally think it is a great idea (I know I’m banned but I’m not trying to be salty) because then the Tallcraft owner could possibly get more money faster to keep the server running.

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I think that is a bad idea as everyone got banned for a reason, right? If we would unban them without knowing they regret it or not it could backfire really quickly.

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ohhhhhhh ok I understand!

Using your logic in the real world would be the same as freeing all prisoners from prison so that they could get jobs and spend money to grow the economy. Can you imagine the possible consequences of doing something like that? People are punished for reasons. Although I disagree with your methodology, there is definitely a noticeable decrease in players on the server.

shorter bans possibly? .w.
Like 1 month ban rather than permaban right there & then? >w<

Especially if it’s like first offense =<

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Generally they already do that as far as I am aware.

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Wait? So they did unban everyone before?

No. That will never happen.