Unban for my sister's account

Minecraft Name: dankorz
I once joined on my sister’s account to take a picture of my Nation’s heads. In the process, I found out it was against the rules to join on an ‘alt’ account. I understood and made the account leave the game. But now I found out that the account is banned from the Minecraft Server. So I am requesting an Unban for my sister’s account: lidkorz


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since your sister does not play actively on tallcraft we currently don’t see a reason to unban an account you have used as an alt account. please let us know if this changes.

Hello there.
I apologise for using the account as an alt account. I left 2 minutes after joining when I got the information that they aren’t allowed. And now that she wants to join the Minecraft Server to play with her friend, she is unable to.
That’s the reason why she actually wants to join.


i don’t have full trust in you not using it as an alternative account, so for now, the account stays banned.

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