Unban request for alt of JumpinSlime



This account was banned because it is the alt of JumpinSlime. This is still true but I am asking if my account can be unbanned so that I can play on Tallcraft without having to use my JumpinSlime main account which has maxed out mcmmo abilities. When my my account was banned it wasn’t banned as a punishment but was banned because I notified staff that the account was in fact an alt. If this is possible, I would greatly appreciate it but understand if this request is not possible.

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Update: My account name at the time of the ban was 1611661887621556

hi! if we would do this, we would be banning your JumpinSlime account instead, and unban TJBear214_, if you are okay with this?

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I forgot that there was an official rule change that says alts are not allowed. I will just continue to play with JumpinSlime.

Thanks again for your time.

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