Unban request for survival

fonta7866 Hello there. Its me again. Last year ive asked to be unbanned from the survival section of the server so that i could have some fun again and maybe look back at the things me and my teammates and friends did 3 whole years ago. As ive alr said last year in my unban request, my other account’s username used to be olga_728 and the one im using now used to be my friend’s account. He recently stopped playing and decided to give me his information so that i didnt have to buy another one. The server says he got banned the 21st of june 2021 by emodog for “multiple griefs”. I promise to be a great, kind and respectful player that will help the community in any ways possible. Also just wanted to apoligize from my friend’s point of view to emodog and ThatOneLuke for the truble he caused. If there is any proof i can submit to prove that i am not the same pearson using the account, i will look into it.

hello! your unban will be granted. do know that if there is one more instance of you breaking rules on this account, there won’t be a chance of return.

the olga_728 account will be banned in return, so it may not be used as an alternative account just in case.

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