Undesirablepunk ban

Hi! Im undesirablepunk and I don’t think it was fair that I was banned for minor greifing. Only if it is a weeks ban I love tallcraft and I hope you understand. I was banned for breaking 1 piece of blue glass and wasn’t even aware of it. (theirys pufferfish). I live in frostwood and lunar village and I am very trusted. I always follow tallcraft rules and it was a complete accident. I hope you take my ban dispute into consideration and at least shorten my ban. Thanks! -Undesirablepunk

Hai! =3

I have reviewed the situation & may have mistaken that you stole the items that were reported missing after you broke the glass that encased it. You shall, therefore, be unbanned.

Be reminded that if you broke something minor on accident that you could not fix (e.g. ice, glass, etc.) it is encouraged that the event shall be reported thus avoiding being seen as a grief.

Have fun & take care! ^w^

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.