Unnamed205's ban dispute

Minecraft Name: unnamed205
brief description of what happened: i was banned a couple days ago for “inappropriate language, spam”. i don’t really remember doing spam and i didn’t say much inappropriate language. however, i did do it and got banned. i am very sorry about this and won’t let it happen again. reason i should be unbanned:
the reason i think i should be unbanned is because the reason for the ban was… small. it wasn’t a grief, or a hacking, just something contained in chat. i have also calmed down and have some sense to be better in chat. once again, i will not let this happen again.

just in case im getting ready for a staff member to say no

Your ban: Tallcraft Players
@Bovall is the staff member who issued the current ban and will respond with evidence soon.
Just before the current ban, I warned you multiple times to stop attempting to bypass the chat filter/sending profanity/NSFW in chat.


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From the evidence presented by Star (my evidence is identical and from the incident) it shows that you did spam and try and bypass our filters and were warned to stop twice. However since nothing major was said the ban will change to a 31d temporary ban. giving you time to read /rules and understanding them. Please do not do more of these kinds of activities after the ban has been lifted

what about i never play on the server again, would that be better?

thats stupid everything is stupid

A 31 day ban seems reasonable in my opinion. You were already told that bypassing the chat filter is not allowed, yet you continued to do it - the ban is definitely not stupid.

If you wish to leave, then no one is stopping you.

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goodbye then, you will never see me again