Updating RLCraft

Hi everyone!

Recently Tall updated how big the world border is on RLCraft. I love the fact that he did this, and I can explore so much more. Now somewhat recently (not really) but an update came out for RLCraft (kind of). If you go into the different installed mods and update Ice and Fire and also Spartan Weaponry then it updates the game to make a new resource you can make (dragonsteal), adds a new type of dragon, and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t know if it would be somewhat possible to do this, but if it is it would be so awesome to have lightning dragons in jungles (sorry nix…) and a new better suit of armour and weapons to work towards. I don’t know if other people want this or not (the hassle of updating the mods or new death creatures), but I personally would love this and I’m sure so would at least a couple others.

Thanks for reading!


Iirc new update generates new buildings as well, and in the upcoming one ice& fire is adding a new boss… I’d love to play with updated mods! :wink:

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It also improves Dragon’s AI - they shouldn’t spawn in while setting half of the chunk on fire, and they overall become much “smarter”… We’ll see how that goes I guess (I think Lex wouldn’t mind at all since he kills those in 2 hits)

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To be honest the ‘smarter’ Dragon AI is better even for newer players and the environment. Maybe not for the very first fight, but for avoiding them it’s quite good because… ya know the don’t just want to destroy all the wildlife for no reason. Thats just me though.

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Also if we do update RLCraft you could add a tutorial of how to update the 2 mods on the forums somewhere (in the how to connect to RLCraft maybe).

This is an RLCraft server. We stick to the list of mods as published by the modpack author. Updating individual mods in the pack can break things and makes it tricky for users to set it up. If you would like the modpack to be updated please request that from the author.